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Welcome to our new ROKT Youth Development Scheme (RYDS) which replaces the previously run NICAS courses for kids young people.

After 7 years of coaching and teaching, we understand what it takes to keep young climbers motivated while having fun and we are proud to say we have one of the best youth development programmes in England. With this in mind we are moving away from NICAS to focus on what is most important to our cohort of young climbers.

We are proud to introduce the RYDS which will include our popular ROKTLINGS Kids Club for our youngest climbers (which won’t change).

RYDS has been founded to provide its participants with the skills and techniques required to become a safe and well-rounded climber. High quality coaching will give our young climbers the opportunity to improve on their own climbing abilities – plus a pathway into our ROKT Academy and ROKT Team.

Most of all, it’s enjoyable! But alongside the positive impact on physical health, climbing can help a child’s development, such as improving confidence in themselves, trust in others, effective teamwork and partnerships, communication skills and can even help form lifelong friendships.

Throughout all three levels of the scheme our friendly, experienced instructors will personalise the syllabus to each individual, giving challenging yet achievable goals for climbers of all abilities and will promote progression within each group and onto more advanced levels if so desired.

Don’t forget, parents/guardians bringing kids to a RYDS or ROKTLINGS class can boulder for just £5 on the day. Never climbed before? Then book an induction with one of our friendly instructors and let’s get you up there!

To book a child on to a class for a full term or to ask any questions (please see FAQ below), please call us on 01484 717444 with any further questions.

Got a question? Please see our FAQs below.


Our ROKTLING 1-hour sessions are an excellent starter climb & play club for young children interested in climbing.

Children will be supervised at all times by one of our excellent climbing instructors and will have access to ROKT’s multitude of activities including: bouldering, roped climbing, indoor caving and slacklining.
Please contact us for current running dates, times and availability.

ROKT Youth Development Scheme

We have decided that, after 7 years of coaching and teaching, we understand what it takes to keep climbers, and particularly young climbers, interested and motivated- after all we have probably one of the best youth development programmes in the country.  With this in mind we are moving away from NICAS to focus on what is important to ROKT and our cohort of young climbers.

Monday – Saturday.
Please contact us for availability


When can my child join one of your clubs?

5-6 years old for Roktlings and 7+ for the RYDS

What’s the difference between ROKTLINGS and RYDS

Roktlings sessions last for 1 hour and are based around fun, games and climbing

RYDS is a development scheme to take a child from absolute beginner to indoor lead climber in 1 hour and 30 minute sessions

What will my child be doing in a typical ROKTLINGS class and what’s the progression? How is it monitored?

Bouldering, games, indoor caving and top roping. There are 2 basic award schemes to keep them motivated. Spider Monkeys and Gibbons.

What will my child learn when they join RYDS and what’s the progression? How is RYDS monitored?

See the three levels in the blurb. All recorded in their log books.

What are the different RYDS classes?

Refer to the three levels of our scheme.

Are your staff all DBS checked?

All staff that work as instructors are DBS checked.

What happens if I have two children (ages 6 and 8) – will they be in different RYDS classes?

One will be on Roktlings and one will be on RYDS. After age 7+, children are put in groups according to their ability. All new starters will begin at level 1.

How long is a term? Do you have a break for school holidays?

See term dates (running alongside Calderdale term times).

Is it one session per week for the price given, and do we choose a day?

Yes and yes

How much do the courses cost?

Roktlings £50 half term and £90 full term

RYDS £70 half term and £130 full term

When can we pay for a course?

We can put new customer booking dates on the web page when the new term letter comes out

If we miss a session, do we a get a refund?

Unfortunately no

What if we want to cancel a paid-for course halfway through?

This is at the discretion of management. Sometimes credit for climbing sessions will be offered.

What if we want to cancel a paid-for course before my child starts their first session?

Our standard refund policy applies. 48hr full, 24 hr up to 50%.

Why are you moving away from NICAS, a nationally recognised scheme?

ROKT is predominantly a bouldering facility and NICAS is predominantly a rope climbing award scheme. The two don’t work well together. NIBAS was brought out for boulder only centres but it would be difficult and expensive to run both award schemes side by side (for ROKT and parents). We feel that RYDS is perfectly suited to the needs of youth climbers and gets the best out of climbing within ROKT.

My child wants to progress nationally, will not being part of NICAS affect them?

NICAS centres can enter candidates at higher levels by checking experience Quote from NICAS website: “No, we allow experienced candidates to go in at higher levels of NICAS or NIBAS by Direct Entry. Course Directors can take into account the candidate’s existing experience, but may ask them to complete one or more ‘assessment sessions’ to decide which is the right level for them.”