ROKT is home to one of the UK’s largest and most unique bouldering facilities. Spread across multiple floors and chambers, the boulder problems cover a wide range of styles and grades ranging from kids/beginners to V8+. So whether you’re a beginner or elite climber, we have something for you.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing without ropes or harnesses on low-level walls or boulders. Don’t worry if you’re a novice, bouldering is a great way to get into climbing and we cater for every age and ability at ROKT!

Each of our bouldering chambers has its own distinct personality and features, giving you an interesting selection of environments and challenges.

Each of our bouldering chambers has its own distinct personality and features – check them out below. Routes are colour-coded and signs in each room explain all.

Children can also use the bouldering facilities under the supervision of an adult who is aged 18+ and has experience bouldering indoors or who has taken a ROKT bouldering induction .

Children aged 4+ may use all of ROKT’s bouldering facilities (except Northlight) while supervised and children under 4 may only use the Kids Adventure Attic. Competent climbers can only supervise a maximum of two people at a time.



Our latest creation for proficient to elite climbers. The £100,000 Northlight bouldering facility features ¼ sq km of state-of-the art bouldering featuring aesthetically impressive 4.5m high walls, curves, angles, slabs, barrels and overhangs. It’s topped off with a high-tech surface coating from ROCKCITY and the mezzanine level is home to a Moon board, campus board, 48 degree training walls and calisthenics rig. Routes go from V1 up to V8+. Ages 10+ only for Northlight & 18+ for Mezz. Climbing shoes must be worn.


It’s steep! Nothing really easy, lots of hard stuff and ideal for stronger climbers. Routes run all the way to V8+. Nasty overhangs, angles and littered with volumes. Gravity is coming to get you. Located opposite reception.


Embraces all the features of the original building (a former flour silo) with climbing up pillars as well as walls (of course). There’s a 20 degree angle wall too with routes set for beginners/kids to testing V8+.


Slightly higher than the Main Chamber, but similar in many ways. High roofs – which you can climb horizontally in sections – and it’s great for kids/beginners through to testing V8+ routes.


Ideal for beginners, it’s home to low level bouldering with routes to the roof. It also offers traversing (climbing sideways) to test beginners and kids through to seasoned climbers.

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